Internal rules

Car parking and security

UAB ,, Degetas“ Partizanų g. 63F, Kaunas



  • Client must read and accept following terms and conditions before proceeding in using our parking lot services.
  • By accepting the following, client agrees to the general terms and conditions and information that is provided to him/her.
  • Vehicle must be parked only in designated parking spot assigned by the employee, with issues parking permit only in the parking lot located at, Partizanų g. 63 F, Kaunas.
  • Client agrees to pay assigned parking fees based on set payment terms.
  • Client (driver) can enter and leave parking lot premises only with assigned permit slip, all other people who do not have or show parking permit slip can only enter upon parking lot employee approval.
  • We offer two types of parking services: short term parking > 24 hours < up to a month and long term parking > 1 month and more.
  • Clients who choose to use parking lot services for short term parking pays daily parking rate fee provided in the price list.
  • Short term parking users: short term parking vehicles are added to the transportation registration journal. Payment for short term parking is accepted by cash only.
  • Short term parking is for 24 hours only, time is calculated from the arrival time. With short term parking vehicle daily rate is charged again if Client chooses to leave the parking space and re-enter at a later time.
  • For long term parking Client can pay by cash or via bank transfer.
  • Long term Clients who miss or do not pay on time for the provided services on monthly basis automatically will be registered as short term parking Clients and will pay daily rate for the vehicle.
  • Clients who choose long term parking services must fill out parking forms and provide the following: proof of ID or company details (company details apply only if the parking is for commercial vehicle use) , car registration document, Clients phone number, home address, email. If any of the following information changes upon permit is issues to park, Client must inform employee about the changes and information has to be renewed.
  • Long term parking is paid monthly. Payment for the month is calculated from the day permit is issued not from the start of the calendar month.
  • Long term parking permit is valid for one month from the payment date.
  • Client agrees to park vehicle in designated spot, car must be parked straight and do not cause issues for other parking lot Clients.
  • Clients are forbidden to park their vehicles in front of other cars or block the entrance to the parking lot.
  • If necessary, the car parking administration has the right to move the vehicle from its parking place after giving a notice to the customer before 5 calendar days.
  • Client agrees to comply with the fire regulations in the parking lot.
  • Client can only park vehicle registered in the permit, space cannot be used for other item storage (such as but not limited to tires, car parts, or personal belongings).
  • It is forbidden to repair or wash the vehicles, including oil changes in the parking lot.
  • It is prohibited to keep flammable, explosive and other hazardous equipment in the parking lot.
  • Loitering and alcohol use is prohibited in the parking lot.
  • In case of vandalism or theft, please inform parking lot employee immediately.
  • In the parking lot premises it is necessary to drive safely and comply with the Road Traffic Code. Employees of the parking lot are not responsible for the driving incidents caused by the drivers. If driver causes collision or damage to other cars, they must call Police immediately.
  • A damage caused by customer’s fault must be compensated.  
  • All long term and short term Clients upon the end of the parking term must vacate their designated parking space or renew their long term parking. In case client leaves the country for longer period of time, has an emergency or is faced with long term illness that disables him/her to move must inform personnel. Failure to inform or failure to pay for the provided services for over 18 months leaves UAB „ DEGETAS“ rights to move and discard the vehicle from premises. 
  • UAB “DEGETAS” is not reliable for the safety of items left in the vehicle such as but not limited to: personal belongings, documents, audio or video equipment, external parts (tires, wheel guards, aerials, mirrors, etc.). Company is also not reliable for the damages or driving incidents caused on the premises of the parking lot as well as the damages or vehicle loss by external factors such as severe weather conditions, flood or fire. 
  • By reading all the terms and conditions above Client agrees to follow these rules and regulations. 
  • The rules are published on our website and announced by the entrance of our physical parking lot at the following address: Partizanų g. 63 F, Kaunas.
  • UAB “DEGETAS” can adjust and change the following terms and conditions without further notice.